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Best Shopping Cart Cover Reviews of 2018

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Having your first child is a time of emotion, after the bliss and quiet of pregnancy suddenly you have a huge amount to think about! Just going about day to day tasks is not easy, and everyone you speak to will have their own ideas on whats right. Shopping with your baby is another development milestone to look forward to and we want to help by advising on the best choices of Shopping Cart Covers.

One of the first jobs that you will have to contend with is getting out and about with your baby. How are you going to keep him safe, occupied and clean?

Whether you are shopping with your first child or a growing family you will soon find out how much work it can be! There are no short cuts to being a good parent, but there are some easy tools to help.

Anyone who has been shopping knows how bad shopping carts can be for dirt and grime. I was forever catching my little boy trying to teeth on the shopping cart handle. Who can blame him its soft and a perfect size! What he does not know, and neither do I, exactly what dirt and grime is embedded into the handle. At first we used to wipe the handle with a baby wipe, but that didn’t seem very satisfactory.

In the end we decided on a simple cart cover, and in this site we hope to provide all you need to know about choosing the best one for your and your baby.

To start with here is a list of our favorite top 10 selling Best Shopping Cart Covers for 2018.

Best Shopping Cart Covers:

Image:Description:Review:Buy Now:
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Top Shopping Cart Covers to Buy

When looking to buy shopping cart covers, there are three main categories, high end covers, value covers and covers that clip into the basket of the carts.

High End Cart Covers

If you are looking for the best for your baby, then high end cart covers are a great choice.  If you are looking to spend a little more on your cart cover then you can get some great features.  Our favorite high end cart cover is probably the Buggy Bag Cart Cover what you get with the high end cart covers is:

Extra Comfortable Padding: Providing

Challenges When Taking your Baby Shopping

Young babies like nothing better than getting out of the house and spending time with their Mums and Dads. Every time you go out they always seem fascinated by new surroundings. This also means that they are keen to explore whatever they find. For babies this normally means touching and putting anything they find into their mouths.

If your baby is still nursing, you might want to consider packing a Breastfeeding Cover, for more about Breastfeeding Covers read our guide here

No one wants to stop their child being inquisitive, its just that there are things they should not be touching! Colorful products on the shelves in the shops are designed to be picked up, and its not surprising that babies want to grab them. Leave a child to near a shelf and they will instinctively pick things up and put them in to their mouth. This can lead to products being damaged, leaving you with an embarrassing bill!

Dirty, Unhygienic, Carts

Since it is nearly impossible to negotiate a cart round a store with a stroller it means that you have to trust your child to the metal cage, if you are lucky it will have wheels that go in the right direction. Whichever cart you choose will be old and have been used by thousands of people. This means it will have built up layers of dirt that can’t easily be wiped away with a baby wipe.

The dirt is to ingrained to be easily sterilized. This means that if you want to separate your child from the cart then some kind of cover is essential.

Cold, wet and uncomfortable


If you have problems getting your child to sit still in a cart, it could be because the are uncomfortable. Normally carts are stored outside, if the weather is bad the carts are getting cold and wet. In addition they are not designed to be comfortable, the seat is normally made of unforgiving plastic, then there is the metal frame!

By using a cart cover you can transform this seat into a warm comfy place that your baby will be happy to sit for far longer than in their cold hard seat.

The importance of shopping cart covers

Shopping carts can be germ magnets, tests have shown that over 50% of them can carry bugs like E. Coli which is a common cause of sickness and diarrhea.  They are also dirty, with countless hands coming into contact with them every day.

The best shopping cart covers are designed to completely separate your baby from the cart.  This barrier ensures peace of mind while you are shopping, knowing that your baby is safe from the dangerous of the bacteria on the cart.  Not only that but cart covers can also include additional safety features, such as lap belts, often missing from even large store carts.

Keeping your cart cover clean and hygienic

baby wipesIn order to keep the protection of the cart cover then its important to keep it clean.  Some sites recommend Washing the cart cover after every use.  This seems excessive, a wash in a machine would be fine every few months (depending on use) or if your cart cover starts to look dirty.  For the day to day spills then a pack of sanitizing baby wipes is always a handy accessory to carry with you.

Safety in Carts

In a recent survey carried out between 2008 to 2012, the estimated annual average of emergency department-treated injuries associated with shopping carts to children younger than the age of 5 years was 108,000.

In a recent survey carried out between 2008 to 2012, the estimated annual average of emergency department-treated injuries associated with shopping carts to children younger than the age of 5 years was 108,000.

Worryingly most of these injuries were to the head and face, accounting for nearly 90% of these injuries.

The reason for most of the injuries are falls from the cart, where a child has been standing in the cart, and it falls over from overbalancing

These injures are preventable by exercising proper care of your child in the shopping cart.  I know from experience that taking a child shopping can be a dull affair for them.  Mine love to get up out of the cart seat and either stand in the basket or be carried.  For my own sanity (and the good of my back) I need to prevent this. This is why cart covers are so useful. By making the seat the babies area, he will be content to spend far more time their before being bored.  Not only is the seat brighter, its also more comfortable and entertaining.  Which is why we recommend buying a cart cover.

How easy is it to fit a Baby Shopping Cart Cover? 


One of our favorite covers is the Itzy Ritzy cart cover, in this short video you can see how quick and easy it is to fit.


Top Shopping Cart Covers Brands

When shopping for a Baby Shopping Cart cover there are a number of great brands to look out for, here are some of our favorite baby shopping cart brands on the market.  Some are dedicated baby accessory companies, others have a great range of stylish designs that look amazing when you are out in the stores.

Itzy Ritzy

Itzy Ritzy Range

Jennifer from London UK says about Itzy Ritzy: “Their modern multi‐purpose products pack a number of dazzling punches to provide attractive solutions to everyday challenges without making you do a lot of work. I love how stylish and exciting it makes the cart look!”.

Itzy Ritzy are also known for their Breastfeeding Covers

Read more about Itzy Ritzy cart covers here.


Joan, a full time mom in New York, NY siad, ” This is our perfect cover!  We use it for our big shop in Costco and it fits no problem.  It’s packed with great features like cup holders and pockets for all the different things we need to carry round the store.  We love the toy loops, saves having to pick things off the floor every 5 minutes.”

Summer Infant


Jane, a nanny from Seattle, WA states, ” The Summer Infant Cart cover has really transformed the way I shop.  Because my baby is far more settled the shopping now can be done at my pace.  With the Summer Infant cart cover I can take my time and shop in peace while my baby sits comfortably and calmly in the cart..”


boppy logo
Maria Sanchez, a nanny in San Antonio, TX says, “This bobby cart cover is a great product, and love how it looks and fits.  While a little bulky I can still use it on any high chair or cart. I definitely reccomend the Bobby Cart Cover for any child growing out of their car seat”

Great alternatives to shopping cart covers for babys:

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock



If your baby is a little small for a full sized shopping cart seat, and you still want to protect him from the germs and dirt that builds up on a shopping cart, then the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock is a great alternative!

What we love about this Binxy Baby cart hammock is that its so easy to use!  Simply clip it securely over the top of the cart and your baby will be happy facing his mum while you can relax and go about your shopping.

Final Thoughts and Suggestions

Ultimately through our research we found that there are no BAD cart covers.  All are great, some are excellent, but you pay a little more for these.  All these cart covers will provide much needed protection for your child, and are effective for use on nearly all carts out there.  There are some cart covers designed for more specific needs, such as hammocks, or in cart seats, these also are incredibly versatile and practical.

Most of the covers we have looked at are dual purpose, and can be used for not only covering shopping carts, but also provide  a clean personalized space in high chairs and any other impromptu stop off you might have.

Remember to keep your cart cover clean, one of the top reasons for buying a cart cover is the protection from dirt and germs.  Just pop your cover in the wash every now and then, and in between just give a wipe with some sanitizing wipes.

As nearly all cart covers include a secondary harness they are perfect for ensuring your child is secure in the cart. If you are new to having a baby its incredible to see just how fast they can go from sitting to standing in a cart without proper restraint.  This is why bringing your own harness is really useful if you are in a store that has carts not fitted with belts.

There are other features as well. As you know your children like attention and to be pleased, and shopping outbursts are not rare. The cart covers here allow you to bring toys with you without losing them, and even a place to store other accessories. This is a wonderful aspect that’s worth the money.


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