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Are shopping cart covers really necessary – did you use/need them?

Are shopping cart covers necessaryThere are so many baby products on the market these days that it’s hard to know what you need and what you can live without. Which products will you love and which are a waste of money? Take it from one mom, shopping cart covers should be at the top of your buy list.  We are often asked if cart covers are really necessary.  In today’s post I will explain some of the pros and cons.

Cart Covers Provide Protection from Bugs and germs:

Think about how often you go to the store. Then think about how often other people touch the cart. Have you ever run to the store to pick up some cold medication because you are in the midst of a bad cold? Other people do it too and they certainly don’t clean the cart handles before they leave. If you want to protect your baby from as much as possible, a shopping cart cover is a must-have item.

Keeping your child safe and secure in their Cart

Also for safety there are some 90,000 accidents involving kids in shopping carts a year.  Fortunately not many of these are serious.  One of the biggest dangers is the cart over toppling because of a baby chair being placed on top or a child standing in the cart.  By using a cart hammock (which are great) you can place a baby low down in the cart keeping everything stable.

Kids get restless when you shop, it’s just the way life works. I found that when I got a shopping cart cover, shopping got easier. I didn’t have to worry about my daughter chewing on the handle and she was entranced by the patterns and colors on the cover. Plus, it was easy to set snacks next to her without worrying about them sliding through the holes in the cart and scattering onto the floor. So, now that you know you need a cart cover for your shopping trips, which one do you get? That depends on a lot of factors. Take a look at these options to help you decide.

A comfortable child is a happy child


Finally there is comfort, have you seen how hard, cold and sometimes wet the typical shopping cart seat is?  I found that when I went out without my cart covers it was a challenge to get the little one into the cart.  Sitting on the cold cart bench was just no fun, with the comfortable cart cover it was a breeze!

Here are five favorite essential cart covers:

1. Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

If you have a baby that can’t sit up yet on his own, this is probably one of the best options. You can leave the car seat in the car and use this instead. The Binxy hammock hangs safely in the cart, unlike a car seat, and keeps the baby in place at all times. Your baby is safe and happy and you can shop.

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2. Summer Infant Cushy Cart Covers

Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover

If your child is a little older and learning how to sit, the Summer Infant Cart Cover Reviewed here is a great option. The cart cover keeps the germy handle away from your child and it also helps him balance and sit upright. If he gets off balance and topples over a little, the cover is nice and cushy so he won’t get hurt against the metal and plastic parts on the cart.

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3. Buggy Bag Shopping Cart Cover

Buggy Bag Elite

If you don’t want to haul your whole house into every store, the Buggy Bag cart cover combo is the perfect solution. The minute you get inside a store without a diaper bag, you need one. And this cart cover doubles as a diaper bag so you only take the cover and you have everything you need in case of an incident.

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4. Floppy Seat Shopping Cart Cover

Floppy Seat Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

This cover works well for children who sit on their own. And it is a great thing for high chairs as well. It will cover either in a fast, easy manner so you can keep it in your car and use it shopping or when you eat out.  The floppy seat cart cover comes in some great colours that really catch the eye!

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5. Infantino Shopping Cart Cover

Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover

The last option, the Infantino Cart Cover has all of the regular features including color and pattern options. It also has places to hang a few toys to keep the baby entertained on longer trips. The back of the seat is padded too for further comfort.

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So are shopping cart covers necessary?

Shopping cart covers are a way of life for many parents, and cart covers are necessary for the safety and comfort of your child. There are a lot of products on the market to help you raise your child and this is one that comes in really helpful when the baby is little and interested in chewing on everything.


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