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Best Shopping Cart Cover Buying Guide

Binxy1000When I had my first child, I was nervous about everything. I didn’t like people around her when they had even a mild cough. We didn’t go out much, only to the store when necessary. And yet she still seemed to get sick all the time. It’s a fact of life that you can’t protect your child from everything. No one can. Believe me, I tried!

Once my second baby came along, there were new products on the market that gave me peace of mind. One such product was the shopping cart cover. When I think back to my experiences with my first child, we didn’t go many places other than the store. But she still got sick. Kids get sick, granted, but perhaps those two are linked.

If you are wondering when you can start sitting your Baby in a shopping cart we have written a handy guide here

Have you heard about the germs that are on shopping cart handles? And then kids touch them or even suck on them. Dozens of hands touch those handles every day and does anyone ever clean them? Probably not often, if ever! Shortly after my second daughter was born, I heard about shopping cart cover products. My first thought was that they were genius. I couldn’t believe how many there were on the market, either. Mothers have a way to keep their children safe during necessary errands. Then, it was time for a little research. Here are some of the best shopping cart cover options I found.

1. Floppy Seat Shopping Cart Cover

Floppy Seat Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

This is a great option for busy moms because it is versatile. It fits in shopping carts easily, but it can also go into high chairs. You can keep your baby safe when you eat out and when you shop. This item is easy to wash and comes in lots of bright colors.

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2. Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover

Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover

This cushy shopping cart cover has an added feature of pockets. That makes it a little more bulky when you fold it up and store it in your car, but the pockets are really handy. Think of all the things you like to have around when you’re shopping. Tissues, wipes, a toy or two. These items fit nicely into the pockets on the cover.

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3. Buggy Bag Elite

Buggy Bag Elite

This cover is a more of a high-end, luxury product if you are looking for nothing but the best. This cover is great for keeping baby away from germs and it even doubles as a diaper bag. You only have to take one thing in and out of the stores. It also has a padded area that fits over the handles so baby can even rest in comfort.

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4. Infantino Baby Upright Cover

Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover

When you have a child that is just learning to sit, you have a great choice in this product. It helps the baby sit up in the cart and learn how to stay upright. You don’t have to worry about him toppling over when you reach for a high can on the shelf. It comes in a variety of color and pattern options as well.

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5. Boppy Cart Cover

Boppy Cart Cover

These cart covers fit like a glove and are easy to place and remove with one hand, which is often all you have when you are shopping with a little one in tow. The colors on the cover help entertain the child as you go so there isn’t as much fussing.

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My only regret is that these covers weren’t around when I had my first daughter. They’re such a wonderful idea and help protect kids from the germs on the carts. The only hard part is deciding which one is best.

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