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Best Universal Shopping Cart and High Chair Covers

Combined High Chair and Shopping Cart CoversThere are a lot of baby products on the market and if you buy one of everything, you will have a house full of items way too fast. Thats why I want to share with you the best universal shopping cart and High Chair Covers.

When I was a new mother, I realized my house was not large enough for everything I thought I needed to raise this new child. It was time to consolidate. The good news is there are lots of things on the market that do more than one thing. If you find versatile items that cover a lot of different areas, you can get rid of a few things and make room.

If you’ve heard the news about the germs shopping carts hold, you know you want a shopping cart cover. But what about high chairs? They have just as many germs, right? So you need a high chair cover too. Luckily, there are items that can do both. You can keep it in the car and use it in the store or the restaurant without any problem. Here are a few shopping cart covers that double as high chair covers.

Here are my favourite 5 Universal Cart and High Chair Covers:

1. Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover

Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover for Baby

This cover has elastic around the edges. It snaps onto any size cart and it can also fit onto high chairs. The soft fabric is easy to wash and protects the baby from any of the elements that live on the cart or high chair.

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2. Boppy Shopping Cart Cover

Boppy Cart Cover

This cover works much like the other and also includes a few straps for toys. Your baby can entertain himself while you shop, or chat over a meal. It’s nice to keep just one item in your car and take it in and out as needed.

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3. Infantino Shopping Cart Cover

Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover

This cover is a deluxe version that has a padded back rest to keep the baby as comfortable as possible for longer periods of time. This cover also has a seat belt, toy attachments, and a place for a drink.

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4. Buggy Bagg

Buggy Bag Elite

If you hate dragging a bunch of stuff around with you wherever you go, you can cut out one more thing if you get this cover. Forget the diaper bag! This cover can double as a diaper bag. It also fits on the cart or the high chair. You can take this one item and have everything you need in one device.

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5. Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover

Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover

Carts are hard and uncomfortable. High chairs are as well. This cover can take care of that issue no matter how hard the cart or chair are. The cover is cushy and keeps your child comfortable for the duration of the meal or shopping experience.

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When you want fewer items cluttering your car or house, consolidate with things that work in a variety of ways. These cart covers are also high chair covers and can help you cut one thing out of your life without forcing you to skimp on safety. Decide which works best for your needs and enjoy.

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