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Boppy Shopping Cart Cover Review

Boppy Shopping Cart Cover Review

The Boppy Shopping Cart Cover – Providing a clean and comfortable shopping trio for your baby.

If you are already searching what the Best Shopping Cart Cover is then you are the kind of mother who knows how difficult shopping trips are, juggling baby, cart and shopping.

Well you probably already know the benefits of a Cart Cover, you may have seen others in stores and read a bit on the topic.

Cart covers are an excellent option for fitting to carts to put a clean barrier between the dirty cart and your baby.  They make a colourful comfortable environment that can help keep your child calm and entertained even on the longest shopping trips.

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Boppy Shopping Cart Cover

The challenge with many Shopping Cart covers is that the quality can vary hugely.  There are many poorly made products, often with no brand that are flooding the market.

Fortunately its easy to avoided these by sticking with well known brands like Boppy, and make sure you don’t fall into the trap of buying a cart cover that is not durable, or easy to use.

Features of the Boppy Cart Cover


Comfortable Cotton Cover

The Boppy Cart cover is excellent quality, as you might expect from a company with a heritage in producing baby pillows, the fabric is wonderfully soft and fluffy.

Easy Clean

Being made from Cotton the fabric cleans very well, ensuring a constantly fresh and cozy cover for your baby

Great Price

Some cart covers can be upto $60!  The Boppy comes in at about $30-$40 depending on what offers are available at the time.

Loads of Features

Boppy has thought about how the child will behave in the cart. Knowing they have short attention spans, and like a cord that allows toys to be attached to.  This will stop you having to crawl about on the floor retrieving things.  With luck you can attach some interesting toys to the cover and prevent baby from grabbing things from the shelf.


Useful even after the out of Store

The Boppy Seat cover is incredibly versatile, because its not as large as some covers its perfect for use as a high chair liner when out and about.  Being easy to clean means that its simple to wash off any food that ‘might’ fall during feeding.

User reviews

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5, and about 60 people giving it a full 5 star rating, one simply can’t go wrong with the Boppy Cart Cover

Most mums like the piece of mind that comes from being able to protect their child from the dirt and germs of the carts.  They also liked that it was easy to fit, and could squeeze onto the biggest carts

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