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Buggy Bag Elite Cart Cover review


We found that when we did our Buggy Bag Elite Shopping Cart Cover Review is was pretty amazing! After the birth of my first grandchild I took up the pleasure of babysitting, when my daughter returned to work.

In the past, when my daughter was an infant and I took her shopping with me, I would have to lug around my purse, the diaper bag, and my daughter in her car seat. Often times the car seat did not fit in the cart seat, which meant that I would have to place her in the basket and tuck the diaper bag down under the basket leaving little room for my shopping items.

As my daughter got older I would prop her up in the cart seat with blankets, my purse, the diaper bag and sometimes with the items I would later purchase. Shopping often times was a struggle while I tried to keep my baby upright and safe. To keep her from chewing on the cart or tether straps, I would always bring her teething toys, but found I would sometimes have to pick them up off of the dirty floor and wash them before giving them back to her. The Buggy Bag Elite Cart Cover has changed all that.

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Buggy Bag review

Features of the Buggy Bag Elite

What makes the Buggy Bag Elite stand out from the rest is the quality and well thought-out design. Shopping with my granddaughter is so much easier and fun without the hassles of toting along all the extras.


The Buggy Bag

The fabric is 100% cotton, the fiber filling is 100% Polyester batting made in the USA and covers the entire sitting area of all shopping carts, even the odd sized ones. I was amazed at the ease of setting up the buggy bag. I was able to hold my granddaughter in one arm while setting up the bag with my free hand. The colours are bight and easy on the eyes with a unique pattern to stimulate vision.

The plush quality of the fabric and the detachable pillow, which I used to prop up my granddaughter, in place of the old method, made our shopping experience much more enjoyable.

The Pockets and Extras

I really like the fact that I can leave the diaper bag behind and fill the many pockets in the bag with everything needed for a day of shopping. The bag comes with 4 elastic cup or bottle holders, 2 toy loops that are easy for the baby to maneuver and prevents toys from dropping to the floor or getting lost. The large diaper bag section is perfect for diapers, wipes, extra toys, and even snacks. The two smaller compartments are ideal for my personal items such as my wallet and keys, which eliminates the need to carry my purse everywhere.

The Straps

The straps fit snuggly around the baby aiding in keeping baby safe and upright. The bag can also be strapped into the cart seat with the cart tethers, which helps detour possible kidnappings.

The Cons

The only con I can possible see is the price as it is pricey, but well worth it when it comes to the ease and comfort it provides when shopping.

Other Features worth Mentioning

The bag packs up just as quickly and easily as it opened. It is machine washable and dried on low settings. The buggy bag works on highchairs also, even those found while dinning out. The designer fabric is BPA free; lead free, and latex free.

Buggy Bag Elite Review: Summary

The Buggy Bag Elite combines the protection and safety of a cart seat cover with the convince of a diaper bag. We love it, and while it costs a little more than other cart covers, we liked the huge versitily of this cart cover

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