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Cart Seat Cover Suggestions for Costco Carts

best costco cart coversBeing a mom is the hardest job in the world. You think of things you’ve never thought of before. When it was just me, I never thought twice about popping to Costco to bag the bulk discounts. Now I have to cart the little one its become much harder.  So I needed to find a Shopping Cart cover for Costco Carts.  If you are famiier with Costco then you know they have about the biggest carts there are!

Shopping cart handles and the things they put onto my hands. But once my child started sucking on them, it was a totally different story. Of course, I know I can’t protect my kids from everything. But when there are products out there that help me protect them from some of the little, everyday things, why not use them?

The shopping cart cover is an absolutely genius invention. These covers are easy to take in and out of large store carts. I usually carry my own shopping bags anyway and the cover fits inside one of those nicely. The covers can be cleaned and they protect kids against the germs the carts inevitably hold. Plus, they’re warmer in the winter, brightly colored for entertainment, and more personal than the cold, hard cart. When I got a shopping cart cover, I was in love with the protection aspect and my kids were in love with the bright colors and cozy materials. The only hard part is that there are a lot of shopping cart cover options on the market, and not all of them are big enough for Costco Carts. Here are a few to consider.

Our Best 5 Costco Cart Cover Suggestions:

1. Boppy Shopping Cart Cover

Boppy Cart Cover

You probably know the name Boppy and they have great products for kids in general. The shopping cart cover is no exception. This cover is priced nicely so you don’t have to spend a fortune. It’s easy to put on and pull off, even when you don’t have two hands available. And it comes in lots of color options, plus its big enough to cover the biggest carts (just).

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2. Binxy Baby Cart Hammock

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

If you have a baby that can’t sit up yet, you might think the best option is to put the car seat into the cart. There are signs right on the cart telling you that’s not safe. This cart hammock is a better option. It still protects your child from the cart, but it also protects him against the dangers that you face when you try to put the car seat into the riding portion of the cart.  Becuse this is suspended in the basket of the cart its pretty much a universal fit.

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3. Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover

Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover

This cover is just what it says, very cushy. It gives the child a comfortable ride each and every time. If your baby is just starting to learn how to sit up, you don’t have to worry if she topples over a bit. The cart cover has cushy elements that protect her from getting hurt against the hard plastic and metal on the cart. The cushy factor makes it a bit harder to fold, but it’s worth it to protect the baby.

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4. Floppy Seat Cart Cover

Floppy Seat Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

This is one of those items you might wear out from so much use. It can cover the carts, but it also fits into high chairs when you eat out. It’s a great way to safeguard the child and it’s bright and colorful so kids actually want to sit in it over cold, hard cart options.  Great for large carts, it also fits into high chairs, perfect for that post Costco hotdog!

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5. Buggy Bench

Best Cart Bench

This product is smaller than other cart covers and acts not only as a cover, but also a little chair within the cart. It’s great for wiggly kids who might fall over and get hurt. It keeps them contained and safe when you have to turn away to grab an item.  Don’t let the size fool you, like the Hammock this clips inside the cart itself and provides an extra seat, if you need to carry more than one child its perfect!

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It’s amazing how many great products are out there to help protect kids. The all these Cart covers are perfect for Costco shopping carts, they will give you peace of mind every time you shop and the kids will love it too.


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