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The HIGHEST Selling Shopping Cart Covers

highest selling shopping cart covers

I went through lists online of items that other mothers had compiled as they prepared for parenthood and one thing I noticed was that everyone was buying a shopping cart cover. When I thought about it, it made a lot of sense. Every mom has to shop and baby comes along. We all know babies love to chew on anything and everything in sight once their teeth start to bother them. That means shopping cart handles. Gross. A shopping cart cover quickly became a high priority on my list. But since I didn’t really know anything about them, I decided to rely on sales. The highest selling shopping cart covers were bound to be the best, right? All of the people buying them couldn’t be wrong.

When I was a new mom, I didn’t know anything about babies. Honestly, I’d never changed a diaper before my daughter’s very first one. So when it came to buying products for babies, I had no idea what to do. There are so many options out there, how is a new mom supposed to know what works best and what features are handy? A lot of parenting is trial by fire, but there are some things that you learn as a consumer in general.

The five highest selling Shopping Cart Covers!

1. Boppy Shopping Cart Cover

Boppy Cart Cover

This option is a top of the line, yet still affordable option that many moms and dads are buying. It’s a great option because its easy to clean and has a cozy cotton cover that babies like to touch. There are a lot of features that help you entertain your child while you shop and this cover can also go over high chairs.

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2. Lumiere Cart Cover

Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover for Baby

Cart covers are often hard to put on, but the buyers that have purchased this cover say that it is very easy. The cover can fit onto any cart in a quick and simple manner. If spills happen, you can even simply wipe the cover off to clean it between washings. It is reasonably priced as well, which helps it sell well.

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3. Infantino Shopping Cart Cover

Infantino Unisex Baby Upright Travel Necessities Supportive Cart Cover

This high selling option has an elastic fit around the rim to make it fit easily and snuggly. There are handy toy loops and a teething ring to entertain the baby while you shop. You can even change the toys out when you shop. This cover also has an extra lap belt to secure the child further.

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4. Floppy Seat Shopping Cart

Floppy Seat Blue

This option is a bit more pricey, but if you wash it often, it holds up against wear and tear. If you know you will be using it a lot, or even through several children, you want a durable option. With the regular safety features and color and pattern choices, a lot of buyers go with this product.

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5. Summer Infant Cushy Cart

Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover

These shopping cart covers are great for children of any age. They have a seat positioner for kids who don’t sit up well yet and you can yank that out once your child is ready for it. There are also handy vinyl pockets for a variety of items.

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It’s hard to know what you might like best as a new mother. Using the highest selling items to guide you is a good way to start. You’ll definitely want a shopping cart cover and any of these highest selling shopping cart covers can help you protect your baby from germy carts.

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