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Infanito Compact: 2 in 1 Cart Cover Review

It is quite rare to find cart covers that are so highly rated, yet the Infanito Compact Cart Cover has racked up a staggering 700 positive reviews.  In this review we look at what makes this such a popular cover that keeps all its passengers, and their mothers happy.Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover Review

From our research into Cart covers, and we have become experts in this(!), the Infanito makes the fitting process incredibly easy.  Because the rim is elastic it can snap over the top of the cart and seat very easily, then it can draw in forming a tight fit quickly.

Next up is the price, some of the big name designer cart covers can top $60, theInfantino is half that, making the buying decision very quick.

If you are looking to move up to having your baby sit upright in a cart then this is one of the best, and certanly most affordable cart cover choices there is.

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Features of the Infanito 2 in 1 Cart Cover:

If you are wondering what makes the Infanito Cart cover so popular then think no more!  Not only does the Infiaito come in at a very competitive price, its packed with some useful features.


Lap Belt

Safety first!  The Infanito is fitted with an extra lap belt that will help with the security of your child.  Not all carts are fitted with belts, given that it only takes a second for a child to jump out we would always recommend using a belt.  The best way to use this belt is to add some extra security by doubling the belt through some of the bars of the cart beofre fitting your baby.  This ensures maximum security, with little play in the belt.

Velcro Ties

In addition to the elastic fitting round the rim, there are also a series of velcro ties.  Some cart covers come with string ties, if you want a challenge, try juggling a baby, cart other shoppers and string ties on a cart cover.  It’s impossible.  Velcro is were its at, and makes the job of fitting very easy.

Toy Loops

Finally the Infinito is fitted with some handy toy loops, and a teething ring (just in case baby is tempted to teeth on the dirty cart!).  The loops prevent toys falling to the ground, and is perfect for snapping on little toys to keep your baby entertained during the shopping trip.

Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover Review

Features Continued

In addition to the above we also like how easily the cart cover packs down into its supplied carry case.

Finally after the shopping trip is over the cart cover doubles as a high chair cover, perfect for relaxing after a busy mornings work!


Hand Holes!

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Infanito Compact Cart Cover Review: Summary

In common with all other cart covers, the whole handrail of the cart is covered with this cover.  At the time of writing no other cart cover offered this feature, so its not really a point against theInfantino.

This is one of the best selling cart covers on the market, and rightly so.  Its well made, well thought out and all at a reasonable price.

If you are looking for a comfortable ride round the store for your little one then we would recommend the Infantino 2 in 1 cart cover.

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