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Itzy Ritzy Baby Brand

Itzy Ritzy is an incredibly stylish brand making great looking patterns for their products, including Cart Covers.  Itzy Ritzy produces a full range of high quality products and allow you to coordinate your look across a huge range of accessories.

Keeping a stylish and chic look we love how you can pick and choose from a huge range of high quality products, everything is very hard wearing. You can wash the whole range in the machine at home, and they look great wash after wash.

Here are some of our favorite Itzy Ritzy products (including of course their cart covers):

Best Itzt Ritzy Baby Accessories and Cart Covers

Itzy Ritzy Sitzy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover, Fresh Bloom

Itzy Ritzy Stitzy
Perfect for use out and about, the Fresh Bloom cover from Itzy Ritzy combines great looks with an easy practicality. We found this easy to attach to the shopping cart, and in in the cafe after when enjoying a much needed coffee!

Itzy Ritzy Sitzy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover, Sunshine Chevron

Itzy Ritzy Ritzy Sitzy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover, Sunshine Chevron
Like the Fresh Bloom design the Sunshine Chevron fits virtually all big brand shopping carts, from Costco to Target.  The Cheveron design is more unisex, great for boys and girls.  It also cooridinates well with a huge number of Itzy Ritzy products in their range.  We love it!

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Itzy Ritzy Adventure Happens Rolling Suitcase, Owl

Itzy Ritzy Adventure Happens Rolling Suitcase Owl
If you ever need to travel with your baby finding the right bag can be challenging!  Thats why we like the Adventure Happens Suitcase.  It’s big enough to hold everything your child will need for a few days away, yet small enough and light enough to be carried (well rolled) along.

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Itzy Ritzy Nursing Happens Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf

Itzy Ritzy Nursing Happens Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf
Itzys most iconic product is their Itzy Ritzy Breastfeeding scarf.  Subtly designed and well made it is perfect for dicrete feeding while out and about.  Whether you want to provide a little shade for baby, or prevent exposure this is comfortble and easy to use.  As a single loop it stays round your neck and is easy to use one handed.

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Itzy Ritzy Infant Car Seat Cover

Itzy Ritzy Infant Car Seat Cover
Our big frustration with car seats is that they all look the same.  This is why we really like the Itzy Ritzy car seat cover.  The design looks great in the car, plus its easy to lift the whole cover out and clean it.  Much easier than removing the moulded seat covers.

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Itzy Ritzy with Celebraties

Itty Rtizy is hugely popular with celebrates across the country.  Fans have sent in some photos of some of the most popular lines in the hands of the rich and famous!

1: Zoe Saldan

1450295525228_Zoe Saldana - Instagram 11.4.15 - Copy

Here is Zoe Saldan, known for her roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avater, out with her two young children.  The children seem incredibly happy in their high chairs, protected by two Iizy Ritzt Cart covers that double as high chair covers.

We have found out which covers they are, it looks like the “Social Circle” Cover.  You can see more about this cover on the link below:

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2: Melissa Joan Hart

1450303815582_Melissa Joan Hart_Ritzy Sitzy Shopping Cart Cover in Black Skulls_V2
Sabrina the Teenage Witch is no looking to bring up her own daughter now.  Here she is out and about sporting a fantastic looking Itzy Ritzy high chair cover.  Perfect for keeping the little one secure while Mummy lunches.

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3: Gisele Bundchen

1436815089558_Itzy Ritzy_Celebrity Sightings__Gisele Bundchen2
Finally in this round up we feature Gisele Bundchen.  Also a fan of the Itzy Ritzy brand she can be seen here with the Itzy Rucksack, lunch bag and she might even be carrying a cart cover in her arm.  If its good enough for Supermodels then its good enough for us!

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