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Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover for Baby Review

The Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover is perhaps the most comfortable shopping cart cover available for your baby.

As a mother of two know how hoard to can be to find the best cart cover, I highly recommend this cover to any mom or dad who is struggling to keep their child happy in the stores. The best part about this cover is that it can also be used in nearly every store in the county.

Features of the Lumiere Shopping Cover

One of the best features this cart cover offers is flexibility. The Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover provides excellent back and seat support for babies because of its comfortable padding and easy to fit straps.

This cart cover works by dropping the whole cover into the cart seat, attaching the securing clips and then putting your baby comfortably in to the seat.  Your baby can also be securely strapped in perfect if you have to take your eyes off him for a second while pushing your cart.

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Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover for Baby

About the Lumiere Cart Cover

One of the biggest complaints with cart covers is how hard they are to fit.  This is not the case with he Lumire.  This is because unlike some, its not to big.  Some of them are to big, and all that fabric is just to much to manage, especially when juggling a toddler in the store.


Fits Large Carts

This cover fitted every cart we tried.  The size is a bit of a squeeze on some of the larger carts, but it did fit them all.

Easy to fit

What we love is that you can attach this really quicky, the velcro straps are well designed and thought out.  With pracitce you will have this on in no time.  When its fitted all the padding is right where you need it!  Perfect for a nice comfy baby.

Wipe down, easy clean covers

Spills and accidents are inevitable, especially with the built in cup holder.  No matter because this cover is easy to clean, pop it in the washing machine and you are done.

Lap Belt

Only a waist strap, no five point harness.  Part of the simplicity of this cart comes from only being fitted with a lap belt.  However I have never found this an issue.  Most of the time the five point harnesses have slid off the shoulders all to easily


Limited Colours

We like the design of this cover, but would like to see a wider range of choices.  Still, this is a good unisex design, it only means that you are more likely to find another Mom with a similar cover!

Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover: Our Verdit

If you are worried about your toddler or babies comfort and security when shopping then this provides great security.  With easy to wipe covers, easy fitting and generous pockets for odds and ends.

The Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover is one of the best choices on the market. Providing a comfortable and familiar safe space for your baby.

This is also one of the top selling Shopping Cart Covers on the market due to its reasonable price.

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